Jubilee Celebrations

A fantastic day of celebrations was had by all, the Little Chicks and Ducklings enjoyed a day of fun and learning. They learnt about Queen Elizabeth reign and her role in the Monachy. We celebrated with a theme of the 1980's, learning the song Agadoo and singing to the whole school. WOW! Throughout the day Little Chicks danced and sang 80's songs. We had a Jubilee picnic and sang the National Anthem. A Joyous occasion watching the whole school perform and celebrate Jubilee.

Sow the seeds and scattter

After their visit to the Plant Place the Little Chicks collected the seeds from the garden centre and have scattered in the front of Carleton Green garden.

3D Mini Beasts

Little Chicks have been given a variety of resources to make 3D mini beasts. They looked at a mini beasts idetification sheet, chose one they would like to make and chose different materials to put together. We used the Ipad to research the chosen mini beasts and what they looked like to best construct a likeness.

Rocking and Rolling in PE

The Ducklings loved learning new ways to roll in PE last week and some of them were quite tricky to do and took a bit of practising! They learnt how to do a pencil roll, forward roll, table roll, barrel roll and a teddy bear roll. Well done!

Our visit to the garden centre

We had a lovely morning out at the garden centre. We completed a fun quiz, made some wild flower bee bombs to bring home, scattered some seeds to make a meadow and explored all of the different kinds of plants that you can buy for your garden. The children's behaviour was outstanding! Well done. A big thank you to The Plant place for having us.

Trip to the Plant Centre

Little Chicks and Ducklings visited The Plant Place. They engaged in sowing seeds, Craig the gardener showed the Little Chicks the varied plants in the centre and taught they names and how their grew, particularly in different environments and temperatures. Little Chicks then went around the centre completing a quiz where they followed the clues to find a letter, then sorted the letters to name a type of flower. Thankyou to volunteers who supported the children.

Growing Green Beans

Planting French Beans. 5.5 22 Little chicks have planted French beans we are discovering what plants need to grow. We have five different pots with seeds and varied components. 1. Seeds, soil, but no water. 2. Seeds, soil, water, placed in the dark. 3. Seeds, soil, water, placed in the dark and cold (fridge) 4. Seeds, soil, water, placed in classroom. 5. Seeds, water, but no soil. Little Chicks will observe what happens to each pot over the next two weeks.