Hawks' Home Learning Week 4

Some more activities to keep you busy.

Hawks' Home Learning Week 3

Create a rainbow, complete the hunt outside, go on Bitesize and see how many of the Easter challenges you can complete!

Ducklings and their amazing home learning

The Ducklings are continuing to be good for their grown-ups at home and are doing some amazing learning. We love to see what you are all up to! Keep having fun with your learning!

Hawks learn at home-week 1 and week 2

Have a look at what Hawks have been up to learning at home!!

Hawks' Home Learning Week 2

Some excellent activities and challenges for week 2 of home learning.

Falcons' Update 31.03.20

We have more fabulous Falcon Updates from Matthew, Sam and Olivia: Matthew has made his own Minecraft Steve when we did art, he made a circuit that powered a fan and then a lightbulb, he made a working radio, he started a newspaper for grandparents, we've kept a scrapbook of we've been doing and we've been practicing times tables and telling the time. These all sound fantastic Matthew, well done!! Sam has been busy planting tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, peas and beetroots. Here is a picture of his tomato plant and my cactus. You have been busy Sam, well done to you. Olivia has measured objects in her living room and then drawn a bird's eye view to a 1:20 scale, researched about daffodils and then drawn a picture of one and of course the body coach session at 9am! Sounds like you are having fun Olivia. Keep up the great work everybody and keep the updates coming in. It's wonderful to stay in touch and hear about all of your fantastic activities.

Ducklings are being creative at home

The Ducklings have been keeping busy baking, painting, drawing and model making. Keep sending us photos of your creations!