Making Clocks

In mathematics the Ducklings have been making their own clocks and showing different o'clock and even half-past times.

Exercising fun

The Ducklings have been enjoying the sunshine in their gardens and exploring different forms of exercise to keep their bodies healthy.

The ar digraph

Look at this super ar digraph work from today.

Fantastic Field Day

A fun day on the field!

We learnt French today

Today in Herons we had a very special visitor. A lady came in to teach us some French! We learnt lots of different words such as; different animal names, numbers and hello and goodbye.

Parrots' Music Around the World

Today the children engaged in a music lesson about different types of music from different countries. We experimented with different instruments and created our own music - which the children performed and evaluated.

Parrots' Athletics with Fleetwood Town

The children in Parrots had another fantastic Athletics session with Fleetwood Town. They got involved in javelin, hurdles, relay and bean bag races. Lots of great exercise and fun were had by all.


The Ducklings have enjoyed doing gymnastics in PE. We started with balancing. moving along apparatus carefully and jumping from two feet and landing on two feet with control.