Hawks' Tree Party

Hawks had a tree party to celebrate our dressed trees by EYFS and KS1.

Home learning all about healthy eating

Zachary has been continuing his learning from school at home too, learning all about healthy eating. he is able to sort foods and decide which foods are good for you and you should eat a lot of and those which should only be eaten as a treat from time to time.  He has made a fun fruit salad and has also been talking about how to play with his cousin safely from a distance.  We love seeing the cat so interested in your learning too Zachary!! Well done!

Wonderful Home Learning Lily!!

Lily has worked hard to create a wonderful picture using natural resources and some wonderful habitats work. Well done Lily for your continued hard work - I have enjoyed seeing your work.

Oliver's fantastic World War 2 Art and writing

Ollie has completed some lovely writing and produced a fantastic picture all about evacuees during World War 2. You have put lots of time and effort in to this and your hand writing and artwork is beautiful. Well done.

Healthy Eating

This week in school and at home the Ducklings have continued their learning all about healthy eating. Look at the lovely work some of our Ducklings have been doing at home - making fruit salads, cutting and preparing fruit carefully with tools, weighing different fruits and vegetables and sorting healthy and unhealthy foods. Well done and keep up the great work!