Creating a planet

The Ducklings have been busy today creating their own planets. They had to think of a name for their planet and describe what it might like. They have come up with some really imaginative ideas including a planet made of lava and one of jelly!

Funky fingers exercising

Exercising our smaller muscles like the ones in our fingers and wrists are just as important as exercising our larger muscles. It really helps us with our writing.

A busy start to the week

The Ducklings have been busy learning all about the 'th' phoneme, It was a lovely sunny day to get outside and practise writing them in the snow and frost. In Mathematics they have been ordering different objects according to their length. Look at the amazing rockets that the Ducklings have drawn, built and labelled ready for their journeys to the moon.

Remote Learning Week 3

The Ducklings have been very busy this week. In Phonics they have been learning about the digraphs qu, sh and ch. They have been looking for the phonemes in books, handwriting them and writing words and sentences with these sounds in. They have also learnt to read and write they tricky words she and my. In Mathematics the Ducklings have been learning about the passing of time - the seasons and the months of the year, the days of the week and the differences between day and night. They have been ordering these and talking about what happens on different days of the week and in different months of the year. The Ducklings have planned and written their own Aliens Love Underpants stories. Aren't they fantastic?! They read them out to each other during our Zoom Show and Tell. They found out more about meteorites and explored searching for stretchy and not stretchy objects around their homes, just like the aliens used in the story to catapult the meteorite back into space.