Indian Dance Workshop

The Ducklings have thoroughly enjoyed the Indian Dance Workshop today as part of our learning all about the Hindu spring festival called Holi. Manisha our dance teacher was very impressed with how all of the children picked up the different moves so quickly.  We have a class full of amazing little dancers. This type of dancing is called Bhangra and the song that we danced to was called Mauja Mauja. Manisha also showed us how to tell stories with our hands. Ask the children to show you at home.

Mini Paleontologists

The Ducklings are enjoying being dinosaur experts. They have been discovering fossils, digging for dinosaur bones and describing and exploring what different dinosaurs were like.

Fantastic Football

The Ducklings have been practising their kicking skills in PE. They have been kicking with the inside of their feet and stopping the ball with the bottom of their feet. They have been practising aiming their kicks at targets and taking the ball for a walk around obstacles.

P.E in Herons

Today in dance we have been looking at the Three Little Pigs, creating sequences and using contrasting travelling actions to depict the different materials the Pigs made their houses from. We also demonstrated emotion in our dances and performed them to the rest of the class.