Yellow Ducklings African Drumming

We loved our African drumming workshop today. We learned all about djembe drums. Ask the children to tell you the three different materials that thay are made from.  We found out that the first djembe drums were made over 900 years ago! We were taught how to play the drums using different dynamics (volume - loud and quiet) and tempo (speed - fast and slow).   Some children had a go at conducting our djembe orchestra, using their arms raised or lowered to show how loud or quiet to play. We learned how to tap rhythms on the drums, how to play the drums to represent different African animals and performed a song together.

Yellow Ducklings African Dance

The Ducklings thoroughly enjoyed the African Dance workshop today. They listened so well to the instructions and soon picked up the dance moves to complete a whole routine which they performed to African music.

Tasting Tropical Fruit

Following on from reading the Handa's Surprise story, we enjoyed tasting the different fruits on Friday. Some of the children tried everything! Some tried just a few. Some Ducklings were very cautious and watched their friends try first, then were brave enough to have a taste too!! The children thought of some super adjectives to describe the different fruits, such as juicy, sweet, sticky, sour, tangy, chewy slimy! We discussed how some of the fruits looked very different on the inside to the skin or peel on the outside. We also talked about the fruits that have seeds or a large stone. The children wondered whether the animals in the story woukd eat the stones or not. What do you think? Look at the photo gallery below. Can you guess which photos are of the children tasting the tangy, purple passionfruit?!!

Self portrait Little Chicks

Little Chicks have been looking at their emotions and feelings each day we have read a different story and then discussed the way we feel with different emotions. Little Chicks painted a self portrait and expressed their feelings.

ICT Little Chicks

Little Chicks operated the Easi-cars, they had to turn on the switch and then negotiate the road using the forward and reverse arrow keys. They were supported with verbal prompts to manoeuvre the car around the track.

Parrots Fun

Lots of photos of all that Parrots have been getting up to.

Chinese New Year Dancing

Little Chicks have been learning about Chinese New Year. They watched Dragon dance and we then had a turn at role playing a Dragon and a Lion dancing.