Independent Reading and Understanding

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This week the Ducklings have the challenge of reading sentences by themselves and showing they understand what they have read by adding features as needed to the pictures.

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reading phonics


Numbers beyond 10

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This week we are looking at how the numbers beyond 10 can be composed. Today, the children have explored making the teen numbers with the numicon and describing the patterns that they could see.


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maths number


Sequencing Everyday Events

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His week we are sequencing everyday events, such as washing our hands, making a cake, brushing our teeth, bedtime and morning routines, getting dressed etc. by sequencing pictures or completing sequencing jigsaws.


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Rock Bottom Rocks!

Image of Rock Bottom  Rocks!

Well done to our fabulous cast and crew for producing two excellent performances. 

We are so proud of you all and you could tell that the audience really enjoyed it. 

Thank you for all the amazing costumes and of course for attending our show. 

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Our Eggcellent Experiment!

Image of Our Eggcellent Experiment!

This week we have been asking the question, 'Which is the best material to stop a hard boiled egg from smashing when dropped?' 

The children selected materials...poms poms, play dough and cotton wool. We talked about how to make it a fair test and Bodhi suggested that we drop the eggs from the…

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Easter egg hunt

Image of Easter egg hunt

Little Chicks went on an Easter egg hunt. Miss Taylor hid the eggs around the garden and they hunted for the eggs, they took turns to reset the hunt and find the eggs.



Little Chicks took turns to play the egg and spoon race, balancing the egg on the spoon around the outdoor…

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Easter playground games balancing


Easter story

Image of Easter story

Little Chicks have been learning the Easter story.

What happened in the Easter story.

William “Jesus got tied up.”

Hugh “Jesus died his body got put in a cave, he dried out he got kept in a cave so anyone couldn’t see him.”

Georgia “The man got Jesus.”

Elizabeth “He couldn’t escape…

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Easter healthy snack time


Our EGGsperiment!

Image of Our EGGsperiment!

We wanted to investigate the best material to protect an egg when dropped. The children decided that it needed to be something soft. They chose play dough, pom-poms and cotton wool to test out. They suggested ways to keep the test fair, such as dropping the eggs from the same height and onto the…

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science Understanding the World


Outdoor Easter Fun

Image of Outdoor Easter Fun

Despite the spring showers we have enjoyed some Easter themed outdoor learning - drawing patterned Easter eggs, having egg and spoon races, counting eggs and matching to the correct numeral.

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outdoor learning Easter


Letter of the week P

Image of Letter of the week P


Little Chicks are learning the letter of the week P they found objects beginning with P they wrote the letter P in the air, they learnt the P jolly song and wrote P on their white boards following Captain Seasalt on treasure island P.



Words Little Chicks knew began with…

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writing ICT Singing Letter of the week


Maths 28.3.23

Image of Maths 28.3.23

In maths we have moved on to statistics. Yesterday we looked at tally charts and took the opportunity to get outside in the sun and create our own tally charts. Today, we created our own class pictogram of our favourite colours and fruits and discussed the differences between them, asking and…

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Herons Baking

What a wonderful we have had in Herons! 

All of the children enjoyed making some yummy seaside shortbread biscuits.

We looked at the ingredients, read the recipe and enjoyed making the dough.


What was your favourite part?


Well done, Herons!

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