Wet Easter Fun

Image of Wet Easter Fun

This morning we put on our puddle suit and wellies and went out to do some Easter activities. We were counting the eggs in the basket and finding the correct numeral on the number fans.

We also had a go at an egg and spoon race. There was a little cheating going on, holding onto the…

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Physical development Counting


Ordering Easter eggs by size.

Image of Ordering Easter eggs by size.

Little Chicks have used Easter eggs to put in size order. Using the language big, bigger, biggest.

Then ordering small, smaller, smallest and then sizing smallest to the biggest.


They used the interactive board to select which picture was smallest or the biggest.


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activemaths Size



Image of Measuring

We have been using multi link to measure Easter Bunnies. We counted the number of multi link used and recorded the number on the sheet. Then we indicated which was the tallest rabbit and which was the shortest.

To see more photos click on the link: 

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maths mark making


Letter of the week O

Image of Letter of the week O

Little Chicks are learning the letter of the week O they found objects beginning with O they wrote the letter O in the air, they learnt the O jolly song and wrote O on their white boards following Captain Seasalt on treasure island O.

Follow the link 

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Dino fun

Image of Dino fun

The children have enjoyed using their imaginations to pretend to create a dinosaur swamp.


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Applying our phonics skills

Image of Applying our phonics skills

We love showing off our new phonics knowledge by reading words with our newly learnt graphemes in, making words by segmenting with our phonics fingers, writing tricky words and even sentences with complete independence now.


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writing reading phonics


Spring Weather and learning outdoors

Image of Spring Weather and learning outdoors

You may have noticed your child coming home a little dirtier than usual. As the Spring progresses, we have been busy planting Spring flowers, weeding, exploring the changes around us, transporting and being outside enjoying the sunshine one moment, then rain the next! We love the fact our children…

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outdoor learning Physical development


Sorting objects

Image of Sorting objects

In Maths this week we have been discussing the variety of ways we can sort a group of objects. We have worked in our House Teams to plan how to sort and help one another to sort objects correctly, discussing problems along the way. 

Some of the criteria we sorted objects according to…

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maths problem solving Speaking and Listening


Comparing amounts

Image of Comparing amounts

In Maths this week we have been re-capping on learning from the past term. We have been making given amounts and comparing quantities, sharing ideas and thoughts with our friends. 

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maths Speaking and Listening


Bend and stretch with Sticky kids

Image of Bend and stretch with Sticky kids

Little Chicks engaged in fun and fitness songs and rhymes.


Follow the link to join in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr8MfrL0jdc bend and stretch with the sticky kids.

follow link https://carletongreen.schudio.com/admin/galleries/view/72331 for…

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music and movement. follow instruction



Today we have been measuring out the ingredients to bake some delicious biscuits. They enjoyed measuring, mixing and kneading the dough. Our dough is resting in the fridge and the children are very excited to cut it into shape and pop them in the oven tomorrow. Yum!

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3D Shapes

Image of 3D Shapes

Little Chicks have been learning 3D shapes.


A rocket ship.                                                  Making cubes and pyramids.


Printing using 3D shapes and naming.            Magnetic polydron making a sphere.

Matching objects to the shape flash cards.   …

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3D shapes