Printing using 3D shapes

Image of Printing using 3D shapes

This week we are using 3D shapes to print with. We are naming the 3D shapes we are printing with and naming the  2D shapes they create on the paper.


Some children became very creative and created a picture.

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3D Shapes

Image of 3D Shapes

Little Chicks have been learning 3D shapes.


A rocket ship.                                                  Making cubes and pyramids.


Printing using 3D shapes and naming.            Magnetic poly drown making a sphere.

Matching objects to the shape flash cards.   …

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3D shapes


Hinduism Day in Eagles - 15th March 2023

Today we were lucky enough to have Neetal visit our school. She is a Hindu and came to tell us more about her life and faith. We took part in a workshop where we could ask her lots of questions. Then we had a whole school assembly and learnt some traditional Hindu dances. It was great fun and…

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Using shapes

Image of Using shapes

The Ducklings have been using shapes to create pictures. They were able to select particular shapes for their suitablilty to represent certain aspects of their pictures. They also explored combining shapes together to make different shapes and rotaing shapes within their creations.

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Sorting 3D shapes

Image of Sorting 3D shapes


The Ducklings have been sorting 3D shapes, grouping those with similar features together. The rest of the class have then had to try and explain to their talking partners the reasons behind these different groups.

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maths 3D shapes


Applying our new phonemes

Image of Applying our new phonemes

The Ducklings are able to apply their knowledge of new phonemes, both digraphs and trigraphs, to blend and read words accurately. This week we have been learning about the long and short sounds that the grapheme 'oo' makes.

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reading phonics


British Sign Language week

Image of British Sign Language week

Little Chicks have been learning sign language with Mrs Dale and Rosie. They are becoming competent with sign language and have built up a vocabulary of words.


I love you.                                                           Carrot


Halloween                            …

British Sign Language


Musical Patterns

Image of Musical Patterns

This week in maths we have been creating more complex repeating patterns. Today the Ducklings have made patterns with musical instruments.

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maths patterns


Shape robots

Image of Shape robots

Little Chicks have been learning 3D shapes. We built 3D shapes using the polydrons making pyramids and cubes, they used their imagination to turn the cubes into robots and the 2D shapes represented robot hands.




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Letter of the week N

Image of Letter of the week N

Little Chicks are learning the letter of the week N they found objects beginning with N, they wrote the letter N in the air, they learnt the N jolly song and wrote N on their white boards following Captain Seasalt on treasure island N.




follow the link to learn jolly N…

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writing Singing Letter of the week


Our Hindu Visitor

Image of Our Hindu Visitor

Neetal came to visit us today to teach us about her Hindu faith. She told us about the many different forms of the Hindu god, all about some of the Hindu celebrations and told us the story of Rama and Sita. We even got to try some Indian dance moves.  


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Understanding the World R.E. Hinduism


Outdoor fun

Image of Outdoor fun

Today, the weather has been extremely changeable but it didn't stop the Ducklings having fun outside! They have been colour mixing, using their gross motor skills to sweep and jump, practising their phonics and splashing in muddy puddles!

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outdoor learning