Learning about Rosa Parks

Image of Learning about Rosa Parks

As part of our Transport/History topic we have learned about the life of Rosa Parks, the black woman who took a stand against racist segregation on buses in America. The children amazed us with their empathy, questions, understanding and outrage at the thought of people of colour being racially…

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Letter of the week R

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Little Chicks are learning the letter of the week R they found objects beginning with R they wrote the letter R in the air, they learnt the R jolly song and wrote R on their white boards following Captain Seasalt on treasure island R.




Follow the link to learn jolly…

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Handwriting Singing Letter of the week


PE creating patterns

Image of PE creating patterns

This week we have been looking at repeating patterns. We joined in with Jack Hartman A, B pattern and A, B, C, pattern this consisted of two or three moves and it is then repeated.

Follow link to join in the A, B, C pattern https://youtu.be/hoFhVdYsmPg

Little Chicks then created their own…

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Physical development activemaths follow instruction


Construction and vechiles

Image of Construction and vechiles

Little Chicks have been learning about vehicles and what we use them for, how to construct vehicles using different construction kits.



Little Chicks manipulated the tools to place the wheels and cogs on the vehicles and the parts to make diggers.

We sang along to ‘Construction…

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Repeating patterns

Image of Repeating patterns

Little Chicks have been finding different ways to make a repeating pattern. We have made A,B,A,B, using objects and A, B, C, A, B, C using objects and creating caterpillars using colours to repeat a pattern.

We followed Jack Hartman using physical movements to create a pattern and used the…

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Fleetwood town PE

Image of Fleetwood town PE

Little Chicks began by driving their cars by squeezing the ball in our hands tight so it would not drop. Trying not to bump into one another as we drove around the playground.


To stop the ball and keep it still when stationery they put one foot on the ball and outstretched their arms…

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Physical development Football


Growing Ducklings

Image of Growing Ducklings

The three ducklings have really grown over the weekend. Before we even got to the cage we could hear them chirping away.



The children very gently stocked the ducklings feathers. The thought they felt fluffy and soft.

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Creating Repeating Patterns

Image of Creating Repeating Patterns

This week in maths we are looking at patterns. There are patterns everywhere, on curtains, bedding, clothing, animal fur etc. We discovered we could create patterns using shapes, colours, objects, numbers and letters.

In class the children have been using objects such as Pom-poms, beads,…

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maths patterns


Eagles - PE - OAA - 21st April 2023

We had lots of fun in our PE lesson today. We are looking at outdoor and adventurous activities this half term. We had to wear a blindfold whilst our partner guided us around an obstacle course. Some of our partners were great at communicating, whilst others needed to try harder so we didn't bump…

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Our New Arrivals

Image of Our New Arrivals

Today, the Ducklings got to meet three of our newly hatched Ducklings called Honey, Rupert and Margot. They are teaching us lots about life cycles, as well as just simply being gorgeous! They are now out of the incubator and are currently living in their animal…

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Exploring amounts beyond 10

Image of Exploring amounts beyond 10

The Ducklings have been working together with their talking partners to make amounts above 10 using ten frames and counters. They have discussed how there are many different ways to compose the same number.

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Image of Minibeasts

The warmer weather is bringing out all of the mini-beasts in our garden and the children are loving observing them. Today, they found slugs, woodlice, snails and centipedes.

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Understanding the World mini-beasts