Outdoor P.E

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The Ducklings have loved doing P.E outside so far this half-term.

So far, they have been practising kicking the ball at a target or to a partner, stopping the ball with the bottom of their foot and taking a ball for a 'walk' (dribbling) keeping it under control.


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Fleetwood Town PE

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Fleetwood Town came to teach football skills.

Traffic light game green cone = dribbling

                             red cone = aeroplane pose

                             yellow cone = new skill


Three new skills:

1. Forwards and backwards (rolling your foot over the…

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Fleetwood town PE

Image of Fleetwood town PE

Little Chicks began by driving their cars by squeezing the ball in our hands tight so it would not drop. Trying not to bump into one another as we drove around the playground.


To stop the ball and keep it still when stationery they put one foot on the ball and outstretched their arms…

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