Image of Prepositions

Outside this week the children are showing us their understanding of prepositions by placing the teddy, in, on, under, behind, next to, in front and through an object.



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The Gingerbread Man

Image of The Gingerbread Man

This morning in Mrs Catterall’s classroom a gingerbread man was found! There was also a note from him which said:

Dear Ducklings and Little Chicks,


Everyone keeps trying to catch me!

From The Gingerbread Man


We don’t know how he came to be in the classroom and…

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Frosty Days

Image of Frosty Days

We have been so blessed with such beautiful frost and ice, as the learning opportunities this weather brings are endless. Needless to say we have taken full advantage! On our welly walks, making footprints in the frost on our field has generated some wonderful language...crunchy, crispy, crackly,…

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Inspector Brazil’s Visit

Image of Inspector Brazil’s Visit

This morning police Inspector Brazil came to talk to us about his job. He showed the children how they can tell he is a policeman, he has lots of signs on his uniform which says ‘POLICE’. 

Mr Brazil asked then asked the children what number we would ring if we needed the police. All the…

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Firework Pictures

Image of Firework Pictures

This week we are using paint, glitter, and toilet rolls to create pictures of the fireworks we have seen over the holidays. 

The children have also been recalling their experiences to us.
To see more pictures please click on the link to the gallery: 

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Mini Beast Week

Image of Mini Beast Week

Little Chicks this week will look at a different Mini beast each day.

Monday we looked at Bees.


Miss Taylor "What do you know about Bees?"

Miss Taylor "Why are they important?"

Alfie "Sting because their beging naughty."

Harley "The Bees make nest, to lat ther…

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Rhyming words

Image of Rhyming words


Little Chicks have been learning to rhyme words. They used the rhyming match phonics game Cat/Hat each took turns to match two rhyming words.


Clock/Sock                                                             Duck/Truck                                                         …

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Letter of the week H

Image of Letter of the week H

Little Chicks have been learning the letter H.

We looked at objects beginning with H.

Little Chicks wrote the letter H and some Little Chicks wrote words as we followed Captain Seasalt on the Island.

Little Chicks learnt the H jolly song.

follow link for song 

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Letter of the week g

Image of Letter of the week g

Little Chicks learning the letter of the week G. We looked at different objects beginning with G.


We learnt the G song follow the link to learn the song.

We learnt words beginning with G and practised sounding out the words. Follow link to…

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letter of the week E

Image of letter of the week E

Little Chicks have been learning the letter E.

Finding objects beginning with the letter E.       Brainstorming words that begin with E.


Jolly Phonics – Learn Phonics Rhymes A to Z – Go Classroom follow link to learn song.

An Exhilarating Expedition on "E" Island - Super Simple follow link to find…

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Letter of the week D

Image of Letter of the week D

Little Chicks learning the letter D. 

Little Chicks brainstorm what begins with d, they found objects beginning with d and found letter d on the interactive board.


 Little Chicks use the chalkboards and chalk to write the letter d.


follow link 

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Letter C

Image of Letter C

Little Chicks have been learning  the letter C. They have found objects beginning with C.


They have learnt the letter C song.

follow the link to sing along to the C song.

They have used the interactive board to trace over the letter…

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