Image of The Gingerbread Man

This morning in Mrs Catterall’s classroom a gingerbread man was found! There was also a note from him which said:

Dear Ducklings and Little Chicks,


Everyone keeps trying to catch me!

From The Gingerbread Man


We don’t know how he came to be in the classroom and he has a broken leg.

Some of us think that he has been dropped, or has fallen when running away.

After reading the letter and debating how he got there, we went to read the story.

Some of the children knew the story and could tell me that the Gingerbread Man gets chased and eaten by a fox.

The children enjoyed the story and joined in with the repeated refrain;

”Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!”


Little Chicks listened to the story The Gingerbread Man and then we went around the semi-circle placing the picture cards in the correct order.



Mrs Stock read the story The Gingerbread man and they brainstormed the characters that were in the story.

They placed the picture cue cards in order of the story.

Posted by Mrs Stock on 12 January 2023

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