Kestrels Science Week

This week has been British Science Week. In Kestrels' class we have been Archaeologists. We have been dissecting 'Prehistoric Poo' to find out what humans and animals from different periods in history ate. 

It's a yukky job but someone had to do it! 

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Kestrels Nutrition Talk

Today Kestrels had a visit from Sarah from YMCA Thornton. She spoke to us aboaut nutrition and a balanced diet. 

Sarah then showed us how much sugar is in different types of drinks and we comapred a pound of fat with a pond of muscle. 

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Kestrels are Outdoor Readers

In kestrels we are Outdoor Readers. 

We love to read and share stories in the great outddoors. Here are some pictures of us sharing our own stories with our talk partners. 


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Kestrels Remembrance Assembly

Kestrels class prepared and delivered our class assembly on Tuesday of this week. 

The children worked hard to put together a very informative and respectful assembly to allow children at Carleton Green to remember the brave serviceman and women who serve our country both past and…

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Year 3/4 Roman Day

During our Roman Day on Friday 21st April, the children across all three classes took part in a carousel of activities. There was Roman Road building with Mr Cooper, Mosaic making with Miss Howarth and Roman Shield (or Scutum as it was known in Roman times) designing with Mrs Harding.  Here are…

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The Door

What an exciting start to our final week of term. After such a hive of activity of different doors being decorated around our school last week, the children have had the opportunity to begin to write about a door of their choosing. The Door poem, by the poet Miroslav Holub, was such an…

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Life before the Celts...

What was life like before the Celts?

Who are the Celts?

How did people live, thousands of years ago?

In the Owls, Doves and Kestrels classes we have been answering these questions with research, reading and discussion. 

We have so far looked at life during the Stone, Bronze and Iron…

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