Super Artists

We have some super artists in the Ducklings. They have created some lovely portraits.

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Recognising our names

The Ducklings are really good at organising themselves and can recognise and find their own names.

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We have been showing our new teachers how good we are at counting!


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Exploring making sounds

We have been exploring making different sounds  with the musical instruments.

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Our faces

We have enjoyed talking about how we are the same and different and have been chalking our faces.

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Dressing Independently

The Ducklings are doing really well putting on their wellies and puddle suits, ready for outdoor learning.

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Mark making

The new Ducklings are great little mark makers!

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Our First Week at School

The new Ducklings have all settled brilliantly and have had a great time making new friends, learning about our daily routines, finding their way around the classrooms and enjoying their yummy school dinners.We are very proud of them all!

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Beach Day

Life in the Ducklings is hard work! We all deserved a well-earned treat at the end of our Under the Sea topic! We all had a fabulous time and the weather was just perfect for us!

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World Cup Football

The Ducklings and Little Chicks have enjoyed playing football whilst the World Cup has been on.


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Sea Life Centre

We had an amazing day at the Sea Life Centre and the children learnt lots! Their behaviour was impeccable.

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Road Safety

The Ducklings are really sensible and are enjoying their road safety.

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