Opening of the new playground.

The children were so excited for the opening of the new playground. We were delighted to have the ribbon cut and official opened by Lee Cadwallader Lancashire School games Organiser.

The Children were able to take turns on the playground using their skills to negotiate the equipment and will…

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Nursery Rhyme Shop

Little chicks have a new role play Nursery Rhyme Shop. As part of our learning Little Chicks are learning Nursery Rhymes.


Little Chicks engage in role play being the shopkeeper or the customer. Counting out money, making order forms and delivering goods.


Little Chicks…

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All about me similarities and differences

This week Little Chicks will be looking at how we are different and how we are similar.

We began by looking at how we are different and the same in one another.



Little Chicks discussed the differences in Charlie and Jayden.


Similar                                       …

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Shapes Size social


Growing up Toddler

Little Chicks are learning about growing up we looked at the next stage Toddler and made a spider diagram to show what development occurs when being a Toddler.



Little Chicks sequenced the stages of human life.

Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Adult, Elderly.


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Growing up

This week the Little Chicks are learning about growing up, we start off as a baby. They were given flash cards to put in age order.

Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Adult, Elderly


We talked about the different ages, we are still collecting photos for the family wall please bring in…

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Little Chicks this term are learning all about themselves and their family.

Little Chicks have painted a self portrait and drawn a picture of their house and who lives with them.



This week they are drawing a picture of who is in their family.

We would like families to bring…

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Sports Day

Little Chicks running race. They all had a turn and got into the spirit.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Race 1                                            Race 2                       

First  Cole                                        First Alfie

Second Katie                                 …

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