Herons Outdoor PE

Herons are continuing their PE learning outside on a Thursday/

We had lots of fun learning and practsing our underarm throwing and rolling skills in the sunshibe.

DON'T forget your kit this week!

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World Book Day

 It's 20 years since the first World Book Day and it's a great day to celebrate and share the books we all enjoy.

Herons were very enthusaiastic about the books they read at school and home

Everyone had a prop from a story they enjoyed and we had a great time asking questions about the prop…

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Telling the time.

Herons are learning to tell the time. Today we learned and practised what each hand is for and where it goes to tell the time for; o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.

We played a game of; "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?" with a difference. Each time had a different kind of movement;…

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The Door

What an exciting start to our final week of term. After such a hive of activity of different doors being decorated around our school last week, the children have had the opportunity to begin to write about a door of their choosing. The Door poem, by the poet Miroslav Holub, was such an…

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"Simon Says"

It was our last session with Sean from Fleetwood this week. We played a game of "Simon Says" to show Sean how we have improved our fundamental skills. Everyone had to listen really well! Kaysha and Olivia were the last girls standing and it was a draw as but we couldn't catch them out.

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"Giant's Footsteps"

Our Fundametal skills session this week with Sean was to play the game; "Giant's Footsteps".

It's a little bit like "What's the time Mr Wolf". We had to sneak up to the "giant" creeping on our tiptoes and freeze when the giant turned round.

It was hard to balance in our shapes and if we…

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'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'

We are starting to feel very festive in Herons.

Take a look at our wonderful new Christmas home area...



The countdown has begun....


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