Fun Friday Construction Group

I have really enjoyed watching the younger and older children working together to construct using Lego, Construct Straws, Interstar, Sticklebricks and many more! What a lovely way to end the week! Mrs Catterall


We’ve been practising our kicking today in P.E.

Scissor skills

Ducklings are learning how to use scissors. Some of us are really good already but some of us need a little more help.


Herons have been using their number skills to solve problems using dominoes.


we have been practising our throwing skills this week.

A Play in a Day!!

The Lynx Theatre Company worked with all of Year 5 on Monday 11th January 2016. Throughout the day, they learnt drama techniques and created a play called ’Put Your Light Out’. This play continued their learning of World War 2. The children all had a part to play and worked extremely hard to perform their play at the end of the day for their parents and Year 6 classmates. All of the children worked extremely hard and showed that they have fantastic acting skills. Well done!!

Christmas Dinner

The Ducklings all enjoyed their Christmas lunch! Yummy!


We are starting our PE topic on toys this week.

'Simon Says'

Our last session of fundamental skills practise with Sean today was a game of "Simon Says".