Pay It Forward (23rd April 2015)

On the 23rd April 2015 the whole school joined together to celebrate Pay It Forward Day. A day where every member of Carleton Green paid and received a good deed off another member of our school community. Every good deed you paid helped someone in need. The day was a huge success thanks to our Head Boy and Girl, Freddie and Bethany.

*Hugo comes to visit the Owls!*

As our Spring term ends, the Owls earned a treat of having a furry visitor come to our classroom for the morning. Here are some pictures of us!

Timmy and Iggy

Timmy and Iggy are Giant African Land Snails. They are visiting us from Ewan’s house and having a sleepover in "The Nest" till Friday. Come and pay us a vist.

First week in "The Nest"

Take a look at our first week in "The Nest"

*Owls' Open Afternoon 13/02/2015

Here are our pictures from our fun Open Afternoon! Can you spot your portrait?

Environment Club - Using wood to create jewellery

The Year 5 children, who take part in the Environment Club sponsored by ACG, have created some lovely necklaces out of wood. With the help of Dan McDermott, Environmental Education and Training Manager, they had to saw a sizeable piece of wood, then drill a hole, thread string through and then decorate it. The children thorough enjoyed this activity and had some fantastic medallions to take away at the end of the session.