Our visit to Blackpool Zoo

Here are some photographs of the children at the zoo, including when wewere in the classroom.

Who can get changed?

These children got changed with only a little bit of help with their top buttons. Well Done! Keep practising if you can’t do it YET>

Green Fingers in the Ducklings

We love to look after our garden in the Ducklings! There is certainly lots to be done! Weeding, hoeing, digging, planting and repotting! We love it!

Key Stage One P.E.

The weather has been so lovely we’ve been practising our fundamental skills P.E. outside.

Ducklings P.E.

Our Tuesday lessons are going really well and everyone is trying hard and joining in.

A special visitor in Ducklings

We were very lucky today to have a special visit from Emily’s baby sister Abigail. The children all listened beautifully and thought of great questions to ask, to find out what a baby needs and how it will grow and change. Baby Abigail was so well behaved and slept nearly the whole time!