Parrots' Roald Dahl Day

The children in Parrots had a wonderful Roald Dahl day. We predicted what different Roald Dahl stories were about and then listened to different snippets before voting on our favourite and writing about why the beginning of this book would make us want to read on.

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Dan Worsley opens our new library

Last week, our favourite author, Dan Worsley opened our new library.


Before he took part in a Q and A session with us, Annie from our class gave him a copy of her first book, 'The chamber in the school!' Dan was so impressed he was lost for words.


What did you ask Dan? What did you…

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Reading Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our Reading day. Here are all of our favourite books!

Our dragon themed reading day was a big hit! The children enjoyed discovering a mysterious giant nest, huge muddy footprints, scorch marks, dragons eggs and dragon slime!

They loved reading dragon stories together. A…

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