Measuring in Maths

This week the Parrots have been learning about length. We have been busy using centimetres and metres to measure the length of objects. 


Today the Parrots enjoyed watching Usain Bolt achieve the world record for the 100 metre race, winning in just 9.58 seconds. We used this as inspiration…

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Outdoor learning in Parrots

Parrots, please remember to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor learning next week (week beginning 18th March).


We will be out in the garden with Mrs Hicks for an hour every afternoon. 


Outdoor clothing can be kept at school all week, in a labelled…

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Fantastic PE

This week in outdoor PE we have been developing our kicking skills. 

The children have been learning how to keep control of the ball with their foot and have enjoyed working with their friends to dribble the ball along the school yard.

We enjoyed playing team games to show off our new skills…

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Jungle artwork

Today I was invited into Parrots to look at the amazing jungle watercolor art work. I was amazed at how the children had looked at the smallest details of a jungle scene and recreated this in their work. I loved talking to the children about the artistic choices they had made. Well done,…

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Amazing Art!

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed the start of our new Rainforest topic! 

To end the week we have been developing our drawing and painting skills. 

The children used a Rainforest image to explore the use of water colour paint. We continued the patterns that we could see in the scene and…

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Marbling space art

As part of our amazing space topic we have enjoyed experimenting with new art techniques. Last week we used marbling to create our own beautiful planets.

We enjoyed watching the ink mix with the water to create a pattern and then we carefully put our paper into the water. We were very impressed…

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Staying Safe Online

This week it is Safer Internet Day.

Zap and Zoom helped us to learn about what we need to do to stay safe on our computers, tablets and video games.


Zap and Zoom helped us to think about how we can make positive and safe choices online and what we should do if we are…

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Snow fun!

What an exciting day!

We were all very surprised to see snow falling this morning. 

We all enjoyed spending time in the snow, with our friends. 



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In Parrots we are enjoying our new indoor PE topic. We have been working together to create our own dance.

We have been using different speeds and levels to move like astronauts, rockets and planets. I have been so impressed with all of the Parrots brilliant ideas and how they work together as…

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In Parrots we have been developing our computing skills.


We have been using the iPads to create our own games, writing codes to make things happen. The children have amazed myself and Mrs Wilson with their fantastic understanding and confidence!


The children are working towards…

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Super space explorers...

Wow! What an exciting start to our new topic. After discovering a strange object on our playground on Monday we have thoroughly enjoyed starting our new Space topic. 

The Parrots have been busy learning about the first moon landing, we were very excited to hear that animals have also been to…

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Superstar performers!

WOW! What a week!!!

A huge well done to everyone for your amazing performances in The Midwife Crisis. 


I was so proud watching you all on the stage! You spoke clearly, sang brilliantly and had fun! 


Thank you to everyone who came to watch and for providing the amazing…

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