We’ve had an exciting few weeks in Parrots and I hope you’re finding your children have settled in well and have enjoyed their first few weeks of learning in Year 1 & 2. As you can imagine every day is action packed and we typically teach 7 lessons in the time they’re in. It’s a big change for some so we are making lessons practical where we can and adding in some ‘Challenge time’ at the end of the day.

At the beginning of term, we kicked off our topic of Florence Nightingale with some Victorian games. The children loved playing all of the games including snakes & ladders, pass the slipper, rolling the hoop and jump rope. Florence Nightingale has underpinned lots of our learning so far this term and children have done lots of learning about her impact on hospitals and nursing today.

Since the very sad news of the Queen’s passing away we have done some work celebrating her life & learning lots of interesting facts. Last week Rupert, Matthew and Kennedy represented Parrots in our celebration of the Queen’s life assembly sharing some interesting ‘Did you know?’ facts. We also got the whole school involved in a quiz.

In Science, we have been looking at Materials and went on a material hunt outdoors then sorted them into groups. They’re enjoying looking at all the properties of objects and learning new vocabulary.

In art, the children loved learning about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We spoke about how to make shades darker and lighter and put them on the colour wheel. This half term we are going to be working on our self-portrait, studying a range of artists to help us.


Well done to our first STARS we have had over the last few weeks: Daisy, Jasper & Rupert

Posted by Mrs Davis on 2 October 2022

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