Our Body

Image of Our Body

Little Chicks have been looking at their bodies, we drew around their body and the children then told me parts of their body, some Little Chicks labelled the parts using word cards to help spell the word.


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Skeleton Dance

Image of Skeleton Dance

As part of our Science week we have been looking at the body. We have been learning body parts, Little Chicks danced to The Skeleton Dance, Head, shoulders, knees and toes, My body song.



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PE/Moving in different directions/Body temperature

Image of PE/Moving in different directions/Body temperature

Little Chicks have been learning about exercise, change in body temperature and what happens when we exercise.


Warm up exercises.



Traffic light game. Red= stop, Amber= get ready to go, Green= go and change direction to go a different way helping them to learn spatial…

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Taste Test

In science we are learning about the body. Last week we were finding out all about our 5 senses. Herons classroom was turned into the taste testing room. We had to look at the food and guess what it was or what the flavour was. Next, we had to taste the foods and describe them using adjectives.…

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