Visit by the Milk man

The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mr Ainsworth talk about his job and how he helps people. They tried on his waterproofs and loved sitting in the driving seat of his milk float!

Canine Education Visit

The children all listened beautifully to our visitors, who taught us how to be safe around dogs. They told us the signs to look out for when a dog is feeling happy, angry or scared. They all know what to do if they are approached by a strange dog when out and about. The children had the opportunity to stroke Moses the spaniel.

Super Letter Writing

Super Letter Writing

Children In Need

Children in Need

Kestrels' Class open afternoon

Thank you to all those who made it to our very busy open afternoon. Everyone seems to be working very hard! Due to our disaster with the music, we are still saving our country dancing for another suitable occasion!

Remembrance Day

Today we have discussed Rememberance Day, made a poppy, looked at some video clips to see why we wear a poppy and observed 2 minutes silence.