Teddy Bears' Picnic

The Ducklings enjoyed a lovely morning having a Teddy Bears’ Picnic, to bring our topic of bears to a close. Despite the rain and it having to be an indoor picnic, we had lots of fun singing, dancing and of course eating! We enjoyed eating the sandwiches and cakes we had made in preparation for our picnic. Do you like our teddy bear ears and head dresses we made?

EYFS and KS1 solve jigsaw puzzles

As part of Thomas Deane Day some of the children in EYFS and KS1 solved jigsaw puzzles. The children looked at the picture to begin with to know what the jigsaw had to look like. They then sorted the jigsaw pieces into two groups; with edges and without edges. The children worked together to solve the problem. The children were delighted when they completed their jigsaws-well done!!

Sun and Shadows in Science

In science this week the children in Robins have investigated the position of the sun during the day. The children also understand why sometimes the sun can be dangerous and cretaed their own sun hat. Also, we discovered that a shadow is when an opaque objects blocks the sun light. We had fun drawing around our shadows. We also made hand shadows back in class.

Hawks teach ball skills to Herons

The children in Hawks have been teachers this week. They went to teach a variety of ball skills to the children in Herons. The children in Herons had to learn how to throw, catch, kick and toe-tap the ball by the end of the lesson. Hawks were extremely fantastic at being the teachers as they gave support, they were nuturing, they modelled and shared good examples.

'Fun Friday Cookery' make fruit salad!

On Friday 12th July with the theme of ’healthy living week’, the children in Fun Friday cooking club made fruit salad. The children worked together to wash the fruit, cut and chop the fruit and then created their fruit salad. We used a variety of different fruits including; tangerines, bananas, strawberries and grapes. We then soaked our colourful fruit salad in orange juice. YUM YUM!!

Key Stage 1 Yoga

During Helathy Living Week, the children in Key Stage 1 enjoyed a relaxing yoga session in the sun. The children made different shapes and held different positions. The children created; the child pose, down dog, the cow pose, the plank and lots of other yoga positions. How flexible are you? Can you copy any of our poses?

Scooter fun for Robins

As part of Healthy Living Week the children had ’Scooter Day’. The children were very excitied to ride their scooters at break time and to learn new skills and tricks during the scooter lesson.

What healthy breakfast would you choose?

The children in Robins collected data from the teachers to find out what healthy breakfast they would choose to eat. The children created a variety of healthy breakfast options in groups. These included; yogurt with berries and a glass of fresh orange juice, baked beans on seeded brown toast with apple juice and corn flakes with semi-skimmed milk, a banana and a gladd of water. The children then put their options into a tally chart and went to collect the information from the teachers. When the children had collected their information they then answered questions about what they had found out. Which is the most popular healthy choice? Which option was the least healthy?

Healthy Fruit Kebabs

As part of Healthy Living Week the Ducklings made healthy fruit kebabs for snack time. They had to use their fine motor skills for helping to cut the fruit and their mathematical skills to make a repeating pattern with the fruit! They were very tasty indeed, especially after a morning of scootering!

Scooter Day in the Ducklings

The chidren had an amazing time with their scooters, learning a few stunts or two!

Sponsored Fitness Morning

The Ducklings thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the sponsored fitness activities that were brilliantly set up for them by the Year 6 children. They certainly used all the different muscles in every part of their bodies!

Making Porridge

Following on from reading Goldilocks and the three bears and as part of our healthy living week, the Ducklings have enjoyed making and tasting porridge. They were excellent at following a recipe, measuring out the different ingredients and setting the timer on the microwave.