26 April 2018

In Herons this week, we were learning about mini-beasts and their habitats, We went on a hunt to see what we could find and where we could find them!!


What mini-beasts did you find? What conditions were their habitats? What is your favourite mini-beast?


Mini-Beast Hunt

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Charlotte Wood   27 April 2018

I found woodlice, spiders, caterpillar and worms. Their habitats were made of wood and soil and they were a bit damp and dark. My favourite mini-beast was the caterpillar because it’s going to turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Evelyn Bradbury   28 April 2018

We found woodlice, spiders, worms and bees. My favourite mini beasts are the wood lice because they crawl really fast.

Cole Chappell    29 April 2018

I enjoyed the mini beast hunt. My favourite mini beast I found was a worm because it is slithers a long and is slimey. They live in the wet and cold mud.

Hannah Blake   29 April 2018

I saw a daddy longlegs, two worm's ,a golden shelled snail and an ant. The daddy longlegs was in a spiders webb, the two worm's were in a tyre , the golden shelled snail was on a piece of ruff bark, and the ant was in the wheel barrow. I liked the golden shelled snail because I have never Seen a snail with a golden shell before.

Oscar Dowell   30 April 2018

I enjoyed looking for the mini beasts i worked with Lily-jess and Macy we found a worm it was covered in mud.

Erin Lowe   1 May 2018

I found worms, ants, and a millipede.

They were found in dark places.

My favourite Mini Beast is a lady bird.

Lily Wootton   2 May 2018

I found an ant and wood lice. The wood lice were in the bark. My favourite mini beast is a butterfly.

Zach Hobbs   2 May 2018

I found some wood lice and a spider, wood lice like to live in dark places near wood and under rocks! The spider lives in a cobweb and cobwebs are stronger than metal! My favourite mini beast is a bee because they fly around to get pollen off the flowers and make honey, bees live in a beehive! I enjoyed learning about mini beasts because they are cool and tiny! Mini beasts are special and they like to eat mud and plants! Mini beasts can hide anywhere they want and they can sometimes hide inside flowers! There are all different types of mini beasts, some have a lot of legs and some have lots of colours.

Macy Sumner    2 May 2018

I saw a golden shelled snail, a spotty ladybird and a slimey worm. The worm was in the damp, soggy soil. My favourite mini beast was the spotty ladybird.

Harry price   2 May 2018

I found worms , woodlice ,slugs, ants and spiders . Most of the mini beast I found enjoy living in muddy damp places.
My favourite mini beast is the spider because it makes Webb’s and catches its dinners .

Jacob turner   3 May 2018

I found worms. Their habitat was lots of soil and it was smelly. My favourite mini beast is a spider because it likes a web

Finlay dickson   3 May 2018

I found lots of mini beasts and worms they were under the the rocks because it was dark. My favourite insect is the woodlice

Madeline Atkinson   3 May 2018

I found long, wriggly, worms in the deep, dark soil. My favourite is the wriggly worms cause they wriggle about a lot and I like the wriggle too!

Anabelle Coughlan   8 May 2018

I found worms, a fly, woodlouse. They were in muddy, cool, wet conditions. My favourite is butterfly's. They mostly have patterned wings and I really love that.

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