This week in Robins we have been learning to write letters.

After a wonderful trip to Blackpool Zoo we decided to write a special thank you letter.


The children enjoyed sharing their favourite parts of the day, how they felt and what they learned on the trip.

We have been learning how to start our letters politely and how to use commas in a list. 


We are looking forward to sending our letters in the post.


What was your favourite part of the trip? What did you learn at the zoo? What was your favourite animal? What did you say thank you for?



Posted by Miss Clarkson on 27 April 2018

Category: Robins


Holly Bradbury   28 April 2018

My favourite part of the trip was when we watched the shows, we saw penguins, sea lions and elephants. I learnt that sea lions are very clever. My favourite animal was the sea lions because they are so clever and I liked their display. In my letter I said thank you for letting us feel the animal skins of the animals that were dead.

Faye Russell   29 April 2018

My favourite part was when we saw the flamingos they were my favourite animals. I learnt that Lizards aren’t spiky. I said thank you for showing my class around the zoo.

Marcie Reader   1 May 2018

My favourite part of the trip was watching the shows/displays, they were so exciting and cute! My favourite animal is a sea lion because they are clever. I learned that penguins have feathers not fur. In my letter I thanked the zoo for letting us watch the shows.

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