Owls Balances

How can you balance using different body parts? Can you create different ways of travelling? Can you create a sequence using both?

We found caterpillars!

We found caterpillars in our vegetable patch! They were enjoying eating the cabbage leaves! We brought some inside to explore more closely. Some of us went outside to gather different types of leaves to investigate which they liked best!

Cutting and buttering our toast

Each week we have a focus during snacktime, to develop our physical skills. This week we have been using a knife to spread butter on our toast and cut our toast in half. Look how good we are at it!

Doves Democracy

In Doves’ Class we voted for the children we would like to represent our class on the student council. Everybody voted for a boy and a girl they thought would do a fantastic job. I must admit the votes were very close, but we are extremely pleased to announce that Joshua Oxley and Emily Frith are the Doves’ Student Council Representatives.

"Owls Talents"

During Friday’s assembly each class in school had to present their class. Owls presented how we have found out about each other the first week back. Each Owl had to present things in a bag which represent themselves. We decided to share our talents to the rest of school. We had bakers making sticky toffee pudding, dancers dancing and football fans supporting a range of teams. What is your talent and how would you show it?