Owls Family Portraits

This week in Owls they have been drawing their family portraits. They had to use their pencil as a tool for looking at size and for shading.

"Owls Democracy"

In PSHE we are beginning to understand the importance of each citizen having the opportunity to have a choice and vote. We had the opportunity to present ourselves to the class about which monitor we would like to be. Then as a class we voted for who we thought was best suitable for the role. What mointor are you? What do you like most about your job role?

Construction Club

On Fridays after school the Infants meet with Mrs Catterall for Construction Club. The children love creating and building with a wide variety of materials. Some children have also brought in models that they have constructed at home, to show to the others.

Outdoor Learning Maths Lesson

Today the Doves Class made the most of the sunshine and we took our Maths lesson outside. This week we have been learning all about decimal numbers, so we measured the children and they wrote their measurement as a decimal number. Their task was to put themselves in ascending size order (from smallest to largest) without speaking!! They did fantastic!! Then they measured their jump in metres. We all practised our place value and converting measurements, by multiplying each measurement by 100 to convert metres in to centimetres. Well done children!!

Catching and throwing

We have been showing Mrs Wills our catching and throwing skills outside this week.