Autumn Ducklings PE

Last week we warmed up by playing scarecrow tig before practising our under arm throwing at a target.

Autumn Welly Walks

The children enjoyed going on walks around the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn. We found acorns, berries, fir cones, beautiful coloured leaves and even three squirrels collecting acorns.

Parrots' Maths Investigation

The children in Parrots have been learning about the place value of numbers as well as their number bonds to 10 and 100. Today the children took part in a Maths investigation where they created their own numbers and then found 1 more, 1 less as well as 10 more and 10 less. They all worked hard whilst having lots of fun - well done Parrots.

Parrots' Fundamental Skills (Rolling)

The children in Parrots have all been taking part in PE and developing their Fundamental Skills. This week the focus has been rolling and they have all participated really well and are beginning to develop this skill alongside their competitiveness for scoring points. Well done Parrots.

Parrots Science Investigation

The children in Parrots were all scientists yesterday. Poor Teddy had a hole in his umbrella and we needed to find which would be the best material to fix it. So all of the children conducted an investigation to test whether fabric, paper, tissue or plastic would be the best material to fix Teddy's leaky umbrella. The children all made predictions at the beginning of the investigation. We all discussed and decided what a fair test is and how this is important to our results. We then completed the investigation and wrote a conclusion to say which material was the best. Ask your child and see if they can tell you which material was the best one to fix Teddy's umbrella.

Falcons pledges of kindness

To recognise World Mental Health Day which was on the 10th October, we have been talking about what we can do to help. So we have decided to pledge 30 acts of kindness to spread joy and kindness to anybody who may need it. Have a look at our pledges.

Parrots' compared their voice to musical instruments.

Today in music the children in Parrots sang a song just using their own beautiful voices and then they compared this sound to various musical instruments. Well done Parrots.