In maths we have been learning about 2-D shapes and their properties. Today, we went outside and used chalk to draw pictures, only using shapes!

Rainy day fun

Even on a wild and wet day the Ducklings had lots of fun - splashing and wading through the puddles, jumping over the puddles, mixing different coloured paints in the puddles, jumping along the letters to read words and investigating which objects float or sink in the flood!

Parrot's Music

Today in Parrots, we have been learning about musical patterns. We worked in groups and created musical patterns using a variety of instruments, such as; tambourines, maracas and the triangle. We then discussed how we could improve our own patterns and each others.

Reading captions

The Ducklings have been showing off their phonics skills this week by applying their knowledge of the sounds that they know to read simple captions independently! Super star readers!

Mini mechanics!

The Ducklings have enjoyed getting inside old electrical appliances and exploring what they can see. Future engineers and mechanics!  They used the screwdrivers and pliers with care and control. We have also talked about how they mustn't do this at home and that these are old items and that they are not plugged into the electricity.

Are we any better?

We have enjoyed exploring and handling household objects from the past. We have tried to guess what some of the strange objects are, the materials that they are made from and how they work. We also asked the question, 'Are we any better today?' We all agreed that having radiators to warm our bedrooms instead of a ceramic bedwarmer is much better!

Shape Robots

In the sunshine last week the Ducklings enjoyed using the large glitter shapes to create their own robots. They are super at naming the 2D shapes now!

Last day of remote learning!

Hopefully today will be the last day of learning from home for a while! Miss Hutchinson and I are so very proud of the Yellow Ducklings though for all of their efforts whilst learning form home. Today we had more super adding, amazing phonic skills on show and fanastic robot inventions. We can't wait to see you all back in class!