Little Chicks this term will have a weekly session with Fleetwood Town this week their coach was Kirean. He introduced a game called cars. Little Chicks began with the aeroplane position using their foot to keep the ball still in stationary position. Then Kirean introduced the penguin move which encourges them to walk like a penguin to control the ball. Last their was the tap toe where they had to stop the ball and alternate their feet to tap on the ball. Kirean then put these moves into practise through the car game. Little Chicks had to drive their car around watching the traffic lights. Red = Stop Amber = Slow down Green = GO Kirean used cones to represent: Orange = Car wash Blue = Petrol station White = Jail When on green the Little Chicks could visit the car wash and do the penguin move around the orange cones or the petrol station and while filling up for petrol they did the tap toe for the count of ten. Of course if they continued driving when light turned red, Miss Taylor (Police Officer) would send them to jail. AGH!