Troll and Billy Goat food faces

Image of Troll and Billy Goat food faces

As part of our topic on Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Chicks have used a choice of fruit and vegetables to design a Troll or a Billy Goat character and then gobbled it up for their snack.



Little Chicks enjoyed designing and eating their character.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

Image of Celebrating Chinese New Year

Little Chicks have been celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about their customs and celebrations.


The Chinese New Year Story and the characters.



Writing Chinese letter a and numbers.               Role play the dragon.



Tasting Chinese cuisine,…

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Making Jelly

Image of Making Jelly

This week Little Chicks have been making a different flavoured Jelly each day. Little Chicks have seen the jelly in solid form and then to liquid and back to solid.

Miss Taylor "How did we make the jelly?"

Georgia "We got some cubes, we mixed it hot water and put it in the…

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Handa's Surprise fruit snacks

Image of Handa's Surprise fruit snacks

Throughout the week Little Chicks will try a different fruit for their snack.

Monday we tried mango

Little Chicks find their name cards, use tongs to reach for mango, pour their milk and pack away when finished.


Miss Taylor "What does it taste like?"

Joakim "It was…

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