14 February 2020

Robins have really enjoyed Love Yourself day and have raised money for a good cause, VICTA. 

It was lovely to hear the children's explanations about what they love and what reflects them.

Outside we had fun going round an assault course with a bubble wrap blindfold on, the children loved this and could experience what it would feel like to have less eyesight. 

This afternoon we looked at braille and completed some braille activities, one was how to write our names in braille.

We have also discussed tolerance and how we should always look out for other people as we are all different but should be treated equally. 

I hope you have a lovely week off and I look forward to seeing you all in a weeks time. 

Miss Gregson 

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Zach Chappell    17 February 2020

I enjoyed learning about blind people it was very hard to know where you are going in the assault course I I found this tricky.

CharlotteS   11 March 2020

Charlotte has shown us her work sheet from school with different ‘dots’ on how she has learnt Braille!

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