8 November 2019

To conclude such a wonderful Outdoor Learning Day, the children in KS2 all came together to share their outdoor learning experiences from the day.

Falcons started by explaining how they completed mathematical equations using natural resources. In the afternoon groups of children worked with Mrs Hicks to re-create an Anglo-Saxon wall using wattle and daub. Children who were waiting for their turn to work with Mrs Hicks, created 'Poetree' by working with the trees and leaves around school to create a poem using their senses.

Hawks described how they were involved in outdoor learning Maths and SPAG activities as well as an activity involving finding Anglo-Saxon and Viking facts. They read some lovely recounts of their day which was concluded with a very tasty drink of hot chocolate. Yum yum.

Eagles also discussed how they were also involved in active Maths and how they also completed a History and Geography activity which also included involving Anglo-Saxon and Viking facts.

Owls, Doves and Kestrels in Year 3 and 4 completed various Maths and English challenges in the morning, including using lines of symmetry using string and natural resources. In the afternoon, they all worked together in a carousel and the activities included learning about how to make a fire (safely) and how the Stone Age people would have used a fire. They also created Stone Age jewellery and weapons using natural resources.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their Outdoor Learning Day and are really excited about the next Outdoor Learning Day in May 2020.


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