In Robins we are really enjoying our new topic.

We have been busy reading Wind in the Willows and all of the children have produced some beautiful writing using adjectives and adverbs.


Also this week we have been exploring outside to find mini-beasts and we have been learning about seasonal changes. 


In PE, the children have been shining in our gymnastics topic. All of the Robins have been putting together their own sequences to show off the skills they have learned. 

Well done Robins! 


What have you enjoyed this week? Can you think of any adverbs? Which season do you like the best? What mini-beasts did you find?
What did you include in your gymnastics sequence?

Posted by Miss Clarkson on 4 May 2018

Category: Robins

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Holly Bradbury   13 May 2018

I really enjoyed doing gymnastics. I most enjoyed doing my shoulder stand because I also do it outside of school at gymnastics in Thornton. I like Spring the most because all the flowers grow. I found a skinny (daddy) long legs, a slug and a toad in our back garden. I liked learning about adverbs. I can think of a few quietly, loudly and smartly.

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