This morning we walked to Poulton and on our route we looked out for different human and physical features.  We produced a map of Poulton town centre identifying the different shops and land use in the town centre.  Also, we went into St Chad's church yard and sketched the church building using different skills that we have learnt in art.  


What different human and physical features did you find?  What different land uses was there in the town centre?

Owls Poulton Field Trip

Posted by Mr Boyd on 17 October 2017

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Darcey   18 October 2017

even though that was my fist trip at this school it was

by Darcey xx

Nichola Eato   19 October 2017

Bollard's are human. Trees are physical. The land is used for shops and places to live and work.

jordan   7 December 2017

It was fun seeing different stuf I hope to do it again

fariha iqbal   18 January 2018

I really enjoyed that trip.

That trip thought me a lot of things

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