Image of Football skills in Ducklings

Football skills in Ducklings

As it’s Euro 16 we thought we’d refine our football skills in Pe. Who do you think will be a star of the future?

Image of *More Y6 Activities

*More Y6 Activities

Here are some of the pictures from our Y6 activities. We have been to Stanah; having fun on the park and in the woods followed by ice cream. We have had a sleepover with a real survival lesson with Dan McDermott who taught us all about campfires and how to do it safely. During our sleepover the children competed against each other to win stars in our "I am a Y6 Get Me Out Of Here"!! There were some very disgusting trials; just ask the children. After we recovered from this, there was brioche and marshmellows round the fire, followed by bed...only to be woken by an annoying alarm at 4:15a.m. Mr Jones was really not impressed. In the morning, after breakfast, we had a Kids v Teachers game of hide and seek followed by bowling and chippy chips. In the afternoon, the children snuggled down in their onesies and watched a film. The children were exhausted; Mrs White, Mrs McArdle, Mr Jones, Mr Holland and Mrs Harding were exhausted but...we all had a fabulous time!!

Image of Year 6 Activities - didn't we have fun??

Year 6 Activities - didn't we have fun??

As the majority of Year 6 went to London and had a fabulous time, the rest of us decided to take part in some activities. Even though the weather was against us a little, we still had lots of fun!!

Image of Scooter Day

Scooter Day

The children were very skilled at manoeuvring in and out of the obstacles!

Image of Skipping Day

Skipping Day

The children loved exercising with their skipping ropes and some of the children who haven’t yet mastered skipping with a rope were very determined and practised lots!

Image of Celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday

Celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday

We helped the Queen to celebrate in style for her 90th birthday. We dressed for the day in red, white and blue, made cucumber sandwiches and decorated cakes and had a tea party with Little Chicks. We practiced singing the National Anthem and invited our very Queen, Mrs McGrath, to walk the red carpet and declare our tea party ’open’ by cutting the ribbon! Miss Wilson brought the medals her mum received from the Queen when she was awarded an MBE. A special day all round.

Image of The Queen's 90th Birthday Garden Party

The Queen's 90th Birthday Garden Party

The sun was shining for our lovely garden party. We looked fabulous in our party crowns and enjoyed our cucumber sandwiches and cakes.

Image of Falcons' Roller coaster Forces

Falcons' Roller coaster Forces

The Falcons Class have enjoyed learning all about roller coasters and the learning all about the forces which make them work.

Image of EYFS 'Minibeasts and Gardening' Open Afternoon

EYFS 'Minibeasts and Gardening' Open Afternoon

On Friday, the Little Chicks and Ducklings teamed up with parents, careers and family to transform our garden areas. A huge range of activities were on offer, from making fruit ’caterpillar’ kebabs and minibeast biscuits, to making a welly planter and our very own scarecrow. A wonderful afternoon was had by all and a huge Thank You to all who came in to take part.

Image of Hands On Animals

Hands On Animals

The Yellow Ducklings thoroughly enjoyed handling all of the mini-beasts today. Kelly was very impressed with their knowledge too!

Image of Bouncing


We bounced balls outside today in the sunshine!

Image of Our bodies

Our bodies

We ran around the field today!