25 February 2018

On 22nd February each year, it is World Thinking Day. We come dressed in our Rainbows or Beavers uniform to remember the work we do for others. Sophia, Max B and Anabelle C came in their smart uniforms to show the work they do in their clubs. This year the focus is 'Impact' with the symbol a flame. We created stained glass window candles to help us think about what we can do to have an impact on others.


What did you like most about World Thinking Day? WHat will you do to have an impact on others? Whose candle did you like the most and why?



World Thinking Day in Herons

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Cole Chappell    26 February 2018

I liked making my candle bright and colourful for the sun to reflect through on them on the classroom window. I like to help others and am always kind to them.

Charlotte Wood   27 February 2018

I enjoyed making my candle picture. I always like to be helpful to people. I liked Austin’s picture because of the nice colours.

Oscar Dowell    27 February 2018

I enjoyed this day and liked to make my candle. I think it is good to help other people and think of helping people.

Max B   27 February 2018

I enjoyed wearing my beavers uniform & making the candles. I'll do more jobs around the house. I like Austin's candle the best because it is colourful.

Harry price    28 February 2018

I like Coles candle best because it shines brightly in the window
And I like mine too

Lily Wootton   28 February 2018

I liked making the stained glass candles. To have an impact on others, I will open the door for people if they struggle. Harvey Ashworth's candles was my favourite because I like the colour blue.

Erin Lowe   1 March 2018

I enjoyed making the candles on World Thinking Day.

I will be helpful towards others to make an impact.

My favourite is Coles because I like the pattern.

Evelyn Bradbury   5 March 2018

I liked Harvey Ashworth's candle the most because it had beautiful colours on it. I liked making the candles and was really pleased with mine. My favourite part of World Thinking Day was talking about the facts of World Thinking Day and what it was all about. I want to have an impact on others. I'm going to start by helping Holly. She is smaller than me so I will help her with things she can't reach.

Hannah Blake   6 March 2018

I used purple,pink and orange for my stained glass candle and yellow for the flame. I liked Macy's the best because she used lots of different colours for her candle. I also liked Madeline's because her candle looked like a rainbow. I liked helping Alice with skipping. I would help someone up if they fell over or play with someone if they were left out of games. I will help my little sister Faye with learning new words so we can talk to each other.

Anabelle Coughlan   6 March 2018

I enjoyed making my Stain Glass Candle the best. I liked Lily's candle the best because of her nice colours. To have an pact on others I will ask people if they need help. Like helping mum with the shopping

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