27 January 2017

This week in Owls we have had a fun week of learning based on bird watching.

We have researched and found out about many different types of birds and went out to spot as many as we could. We then wrote about what we saw. In Maths we created a tally of how many birds we saw in a period of time and then created a line graph or bar chart based on this information. We have also made observational drawings and made bird houses.


What was your favourite part of our big bird watch week?


Owls Big Bird Watch

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Kayden Edwards    27 January 2017

My favourite part about bird watching week was creating a picture of a robin and and spotting all of the lovely birds !

Mrs McGrath   27 January 2017

You look like you've had a lot of fun.

AMBER OLIVIA BROOKS   28 January 2017

I saw 12 woodpigon's outside.

Amber   29 January 2017

I enjoyed the whole thing best day ever.

ollie Rogerson   29 January 2017

I enjoyed finding loads of birds.

Eleanor   30 January 2017

I've enjoyed all of the week. Miss Howarth you are the best.

jake perry   30 January 2017

I enjoyed looking out for all the different birds .

Dan C   30 January 2017

I enjoyed going outside and bird watching.

Bertie Moore   30 January 2017

I liked spotting the birds best.

Poppy roberts   30 January 2017

I loved it when me and Darcey worked together with Finlay and Lewis we found lots of different birds

Georgia H   31 January 2017

I got interviewed by the BBC radio on Thursday!!! All of my family listened to me and were really proud!! I loved collecting data about the birds we saw and putting it into charts and graphs.

natalie michalbach    31 January 2017

There has got lodes of different types of birds.

AMBER OLIVIA BROOKS   31 January 2017

Gorgai helped me with the bird watch because I coudn't hear some of it.

Archie Walsh   31 January 2017

I loved seeing all the different species of birds that we spotted.

Elissa mercer   31 January 2017

I enjoyed bird watching with my friends, some people got to go outside during break to see a person from radio Lancashire! One of them was Georgia H from class in Owls

Layla   1 February 2017

I loved the big birdwatch it was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again another day. You are the best teacher ever and so are all of my friends.

Annabel   2 February 2017

I loved the big bird watch. We saw black-birds and seagulls. Miss
Howarth you're the best teacher in the world!

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