This week as part of our phonics time we are looking at alliteration. The children looked at a PowerPoint which explained that alliteration is where words start with the same letter or sound like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They also had a go at saying some tongue twisters like, 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers' and 'She sold seashells on the seashore'.

We then chose and animal and thought of some words which started with the same sound and created our own sentences.

Lenny Lion likes to lick lollipops.

Snaky Snake slithered on the sack.

Muncle the monkey munched mangoes.


Alfie brought in Tiger Tantrum to share with Little Chicks.

What alliteration can you and your child find in books or what silly sentences can you create. Please do send them in to share with the class. (A stamp in passports for those who do!)

Posted by Mrs Stock on 21 February 2022

Category: Little Chicks


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