12 October 2018

Hawks had a fantastic session in OAA trying to solve the riddles set by Eagles to find out their word given by clues.

Hawks solve Eagles' riddles


How did find solving the problems? Where did your clues take you? What did you enjoy most about the OAA session?



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* Kayden edwards *   13 October 2018

I enjoyed solving the problems and working as a team,I like that it gets your brains working hard also one of our clues took us to the gardening area and on the field near the bushes .

Olivia p   13 October 2018

I enjoyed that we worked as a team and that we nearly found all the riddles.one of the clues took us to the boat on the playground for the littlies

Sam Rule   14 October 2018

I enjoyed working in a team. I like how it is interactive and helps you get to know your teammates. One of our clues took us to the trees and the shed.

Dan   15 October 2018

I loved doing OAA and I especially liked working as a team. One was really hard, it was you will win the lottery. Thanks Miss Howarth. :-)

Eleanor   15 October 2018

I love outdoor learning and team work. One of our clues took us to the trees.

Cara   15 October 2018

What I enjoyed about OAA is we have to talk to each other to find the fiddle and that we had to work as a team .The riddles took us onto the field ,the garden , the EYFS playground ,our playground and the mupa. I enjoyed working together nicely and running even getting stuck and when you get stuck it makes you more determined to find it. The only problem was the riddles were short and sometimes you actually have to think to find the riddle.

Sophie   15 October 2018

I enjoyed doing OAA. Our riddles were easy but I still loved it. Can't wait to let people find ours.
I would like to do more of it in future! ;)

Freya lee   15 October 2018

I really enjoyed working out eagles riddles, they were really good the one I liked the best was under the money rock. I think we should carry on finding out other classes riddles or making our own.

^Robyn^   16 October 2018

I found the riddles really hard to find out, my group worked together really well and luckily, we got all of the letters :D We still haven't found out what the word Is! The hardest letter to find, was a G it was in the boat, the little kids had moved it when they were playing in their! :)

Josh   16 October 2018

I enjoyed oaa so much. One of the riddles took my group to the mupa gate. I found it a bit tricky because we crept finding the green groups letters. I think we should do more solving riddles. (Thanks for the great lesson Miss Howarth!)

Darcey Dowell   16 October 2018

I enjoyed solving Eagles riddle I was very fun. Also we came second which was even better but taking part is what counts.

Olivia s   16 October 2018

I found solving the problems easy but fun.
The questions took me on the little children's area and in the quiet area.
I enjoyed everyone working together .

George oakey   16 October 2018

i found it hard but i really enjoyed it
they took us all around the field and ducklings playground
i enjoyed working as a team to find them

Kemi   17 October 2018

I enjoyed OAA this week. My favourite part was solving the riddles so thank you Miss Howarth and eagles class!

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