22 September 2018

Robins 21.9.18

On Friday morning we were all very surprised to find scaly footprints all around our classroom. We didn't know if they were those of a dinosaur or a dragon. Then we discovered more in Herons' classroom and Parrots'classroom! When we went outside we found what we thought was a dragon's nest and Miss Murray showed us a large, blue dragon's egg. We watched CCTV evidence of a dragon in the playground and later on Mrs Claydon was emailed the above sighting of a dragon flying over school. She also received a message for us  to write 'wanted' posters to help find the dragon. For the rest of the day we found more evidence, including scratches and scorch marks, and possible gusts from the dragon flying above the clouds...

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Ava Schofield   23 September 2018

Ava really enjoyed watching CCTV of the dragon in the playground and the pictures of it flying over the School. She was so excited tell her mummy and daddy all about the footprints, scratches, scorch marks and the baby dragon!

Harry Posner   24 September 2018

Harry absolutely loved the Dragon coming to school. He was so excited to tell me all about it. Thank you.

I Alice Churchill    4 October 2018

I loved seeing the dragon on CCTV. When I got to class I was a bit frightened and Marcie and me talked about the dragon and decided it was a scary dragon. But it was fun.

I miss Mrs Claydon and hope she comes back soon.

Holly Bradbury   18 October 2018

The dragon was a bit scary but I was a bit surprised because the dragon came. We read dragon stories at the end of the day and I was bit surprised because once I got home it put goo on my metal bracelet!!!

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