26 April 2017

Dave and Dotty have come to visit Little Chicks today. Owls were very lucky to go and visit Dave and Dotty. The children were really quiet and mature whilst being around these 2 week old lambs. They asked some super questions. What a fantastic experience!

Owls Visit Dave and Dotty

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Darcey   29 April 2017

the lams were so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

Eleanor   29 April 2017

I had a lovely time stroking Dave and Dotty . I liked it when dotty licked my hand. I wish they could come more often.

Kayden Edwards    29 April 2017

I enjoyed seeing the lambs they were cute , they were quite funny .

Archie Walsh   29 April 2017

It was great fun to see the two baby lambs. I liked their names Dave and Dotty

Ollie R   29 April 2017

I really enjoyed seeing the baby lambs.

Thomas Healey   30 April 2017

I enjoyed looking at the lambs that had just been born. They looked really cute.

jake   1 May 2017

Dave and Dotty were funny.My sister saw them as well at little chicks she said they were fluffy.

Dan Thomson   1 May 2017

I liked seeing the lambs this week. It was really funny when Dave jumped on top of Dotty!

Sam   1 May 2017

It was fun when I got to stroke the sheep

Annabel   1 May 2017

We saw some baby lambs and they were called Dave and Dotty. The big one was Dotty and the little one was Dave. They were fluffy and furry.

Bertie Moore   1 May 2017

Dave is a good wrestler!

Finlay   2 May 2017

I really enjoyed it when I stroked the Baby Lambs they were really fluffy. Everybody laughed when they went to the toilet on the floor.

Amber   2 May 2017

I thought they were cute

Dan C    2 May 2017

I liked looking at the lambs.

Callum   2 May 2017

I enjoyed visiting Dave and Dotty because I have always wanted to see baby lambs.

Georgia Hale   2 May 2017

I loved seeing Dave and Dotty! My favourite bit was when I stroked Dotty's neck!!

nat   9 May 2017

they are so cute.

Harry L   10 May 2017

When I stroked Dave and Dotty they felt like a carpet.

Luca b   10 May 2017

I love lambs

Poppy   21 May 2017

I loved David and dotty they were so cute.

Lewis Aspin 23.05.17   23 May 2017

Dave and Dotty were so cute !!!!!!!!! They were soft and fluffy! I wanted to take one home!

Jake p   7 July 2017

I loved dave and dotty because me and sam have got the same middle name called Dave

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