Carleton Green's Curriculum

Carleton Green places your children’s needs at the forefront of all we do. At the earliest opportunity our pupils will explore and acquire new skills and knowledge within our vast Early Years setting. Our school then is organised into phases, creating three balanced, parallel classes based upon our knowledge of their friendship groups and preferred learning styles to ensure harmonious learning can take place. We believe it to be our duty to ensure that all individual needs are met to afford our pupils to realise their true potential. We do not stream or cap abilities at Carleton Green; individualised next steps of learning are pushed at every opportunity.

It is our intent that our curriculum provides every child the opportunity to connect their learning by providing real life experiences. This is to allow them to practise and apply newly acquired skills and knowledge in context to make life long links which they can build upon as they move through our school. Our curriculum has been created knowing that our pupils will spend two years to become next phase ready and so we have planned it carefully to enthuse and inspire in all, a thirst for learning.

Our Carleton Code reinforces all we strive for our children to be by the time they leave us:

Confident in their own ability, Achieve their full potential, Responsible and Reliable, Life-long Learners, Energetic and Healthy, Trustworthy, Organised and above all Nurturing.

We believe that our approach will create well-rounded people who are prepared for the many challenges and adventures that await them.

Curriculum Overviews