The Government has made the decision to increase funding for sport and PE provision in school.

For the academic year 2017/2018 Carleton Green will receive an amount of £18,680 which is payable in two instalments.


What is the purpose of the funding?

The purpose of the funding is to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that we offer.  It will enable us to have a greater capacity and capability at school to ensure that the improvements we make will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.

We will know that we are meeting these standards as we will see all pupils engaging in regular physical activity with the profile of PE and Sport being raised from EYFS throughout school.  There will be increased confidence, knowledge and skills for all of our staff in engaging pupils in regular physical activity.   There will be a broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils and increased participation in competitive sport.

How are we spending our funding in 2017-18?  Who will benefit?

This year the funding that we will receive is being used for the following:

  • Being part of the Wyre and Fylde Schools Sports Partnership.  This allows our school to be part of a cluster with other schools where best practice can be shared.  It also allows our school to take part in competitive sport throughout the year in a wide range of sporting activities.  This partnership also allows our children to be exposed to sports they may never have encountered before through before/after school clubs run by experienced coaches.  This enhances the range of extra curricular clubs at school. 


  • Pay for specialised coaches to work alongside teachers to improve the delivery of PE (curriculum).  This year specialised coaches will be supporting the teaching of Yoga, Invasion Games and OAA in Key Stage 2 and the teaching of Fundamental Skills in Key Stage 1.


  • Continuing with the strong links with Fleetwood Town FC who support active lunchtimes with an experienced coach. 


  • To forge stronger links with our local high schools by paying a sports coach to involve and encourage our pupils to experience a range of sporting activities and to be a exposed to facilities equipment and high school expertise.  This will impact on the well-being of our pupils and help diminish any fears children have regarding high school.



  • To pay a specialised coach to support children in a variety of sporting activities/competitions.  In addition, to use a specialised coach to train the boys football team and to ensure that they are able to compete in football matches.


  • To provide our children with more active provision in other areas of the curriculum e.g. the funding of Active Maths (£495) and the Healthy Schools Provision (PSHCE).


  • Fund programmes to help improve the Mental Health of our pupils through collaborative learning and physical activity.


  • To design and create a learning environment to promote continual access for physical activity for our EYFS pupils.  To promote physical activity for our KS1 pupils during the lunchtime play.  The active playground will serve to embed physical activity into the school day.

Swimming Statistics

For the 2017 to 2018 academic year, there is a new condition requiring schools to publish how many pupils within their year 6 cohort are meeting the national curriculum requirement to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

Currently on role there are 45 children in year 6

There are 7 children who have not met the required standard.  These children will have targeted lessons during the academic year.

Impact of 2016/2017 allocation

Children have been introduced to a wide range of sporting activities, which has increased the level of activity in our school. It has opened up opportunities for our pupils as they have pursued these activities outside of school.  This is evident from club registers.

Staff feel more confident in the delivery of sporting activities.

Our participation in competitive sport has increased and this is set to increase further with the addition of a specialist coach to support children.

Active Maths is developing the working memory of our pupils and their retention of facts is more evident. 

Behaviour has improved with more active playtimes and the introduction of yoga across the school. This is evidenced in our behaviour logs.

How will we ensure these improvements are sustained?

Active playtimes and the inclusion of a coach within our school has become embedded.  Links have been forged with High Schools and this will continue to be developed.

School has a high commitment to the provision of extra curricular activities and this will be maintained.

The learning areas in EYFS will be built and maintained as part of the usual health and safety checks and will continue to be planned for in our EYFS provision.













Membership to Wyre and Fylde Schools Sports Partnership. Use of specialist coaches and Fleetwood Town for competitive sport.

Part of cluster, sharing of best practice, access to trained coaches, competitions in a variety of events.

Active lunchtimes.

Increased extra curricular activities.

Active lunchtimes. More opportunities for pupils resulting in increased level of activity across school and outside of school.

Behaviour will remain good.

Increase in competitive sport


£1,560 (estimated)

Active Maths programme

Raised standards in Maths, and active cross curricular lessons.

Development of working memory and retention of facts.


Forge links with local high schools using a specialised coach

Promotion of PE, smoother transition to High school for pupils, access to new sports and facilities

Less anxiety felt by pupils regarding high school.

Smooth transition.

Increased participation in different sports.

£1,520 (estimated)

Design and create a learning environment for EYFS to promote continual access for physical.  To promote physical activity for KS1

More active learning

The active playground will embed physical activity into the school day and promote active teaching and learning.


£9,000 (estimated)

Fund a programme to promote mental health

Improving the mindset of pupils, collaborative work, physical activity

Mental health of children improved, positive mindset, resilience




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