Image of Fleetwood town fundamental skills

Kieran introduced the Frogs and Toad game.

The area was roped off to make a pond. Little Chicks began by jumping with two legs role playing a frog, they hopped on one foot to role play a toad. To emphasise the importance of exercise and stretching. Kieran demonstrated squats and squat jumps for the frog and then the importance of stretching calf muscles, by stretching calf and touching toes.

Little Chicks were asked to cross the pond to collect a fly to eat. They had to hop from one lily pad to another lily pad using skills they had learnt. (squats) 

They are placed in teams of three red, blue, yellow and competed against one another. 

To complete the game Little Chicks role play a crocodile and took turns to try and catch frogs and toads on route across the pond.



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Posted by Miss Taylor on 6 June 2023

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