Image of Our journey to school

Little Chicks journey to school.

Miss Taylor “What do you see on your journey to school?”

Hunter “I see people’s ,s houses, I see the garden to this school, Grandad goes past with the dogs.”

Georgia “Grass, the doggies, people in their cars.”

Ben “I see people in their cars.”

Elizabeth  “I see birds, people, cars, dogs and people in their cars.”

River “Snakes, a big black snake in a cave, it had a big boulder for a door no it was hiding under a rock.”

Bertie “A helicopter and aeroplanes, Grandad Rider.”

Felicity “Trees and rocks.”

Rex “The sky, blue, a river.”

Aurelia “Car, grass, people.”

Hugh “A cocker tree and the school, on the way back home, I see Henry.”

Henry “Dog arguing with another doggy, trees, conker trees.”

Elise “ I saw Georgia, I saw some grass and cars.”

William “Sometimes I see my new school and I see some trees and some rocks and some grass and some people.”

Petra “Trees and the blue sky, a bush, people.”

Lucas “Scooter”

Beatrice “A Unicorn in the sky, rainbow.”

Isabella “People, doggies, flower.”



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