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Little Chicks and Ducklings were introduced to Mrs Haigh from the Environment Agency, Mrs Haigh taught the children how to protect the seas. 

Mrs Haigh showed the children what is able to be put into the toilet and what is not.

They were called the the P's 




Anything else should not to placed in the toilet.



Mrs Haigh showed the children what happens when paper is placed in water and when anything else like a wipe is placed in the toilet you can clearly see that paper breaks down and other products stay intact.

Mrs Haigh explained the importance of taking care of our Beaches. This can be supported as at each Beach there are to be signposted billboards which have clippers and bags to get rid of access rubbish. This could be supported by the children when they visit the Beach.


The three R's




Encourage children to follow the above and keep the Planet clean.





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