26 February 2020

On Monday we started a new Science topic of Plants. 

The children enjoyed writing down what they already knew about plants and what they wanted to find out during this Science topic. 

There were lots of great ideas and I will be adding them into my planning. 

We then went out into the garden and observed some different types of plants for example, flowering plants, wild flowers, weeds, trees, vegetables/fruit plants. 

The children loved spotting different plants and saw lots of buds ready to bloom, they also noticed where they found each plant. 

We are excited to plant some of our own grasses on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Mrs Hicks for outdoor learning!

Miss Gregson

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CharlotteS   11 March 2020

Charlotte loves going to grandmas to help in the garden! Each year they plant a sunflower too and have a race for who’s grows the tallest!

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