2 February 2020

As part of Islam Day, Rahana visited us to tell us more about her faith and life as a Muslim.

Islam Day

What did you find out? What did you enjoy the most about today?

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kayden edwards   9 February 2020

I found out that Muslims know how to read the Quran but they don’t understand it and I enjoyed everything

neme irvne   9 February 2020

I found out that Muslims dont have to were the scarfs around there head. I enjoyed when she showed us the Quran

Olivia P   10 February 2020

I enjoyed everything and I learnt that not all Muslims have to wear scarfs, it’s up to them.

Olivia Shaw   12 February 2020

I enjoyed watching Jordan and Darcey show us how to pray
I found out that they were scarfs around their head to show a sign of respect

Oliver R   13 February 2020

I learnt that they have to pray towards Mecca.
I enjoyed seeing Jordan and Darcey praying on the prayer mat.

Cara   22 March 2020

I learnt that not all Muslims wear scarfs on their head the Muslims that do wear scarfs they only wear them because they don't like to show off because they want everyone to be equal. I also learnt that every Muslim has to memorise the Qur'an by the age of 12 or 13 and just because they learn it in Arabic doesn't mean they all have to understand it , some people do understand it though. I leant that people don't just say I am a Muslim as a baby your parent or guardian has to say a verse on the inside of the Qur'an into your ear when you are a baby.

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