31 January 2020

What a brilliant week it has been!

This week we have planned and written our diary entry's about a day in Blackpool, and they are amazing!

I am so proud of all the hard work the children have put into writing!

This week we also started reading our new class novel 'The Dinosaur's Diary' by Julia Donaldson, which the children are really enjoying!

In Science the Year 2s did a temperature experiment, with potatoes, and loved investigating which material would keep the potato hottest.

We have also been tracking the weather, by predicting each day what the weather will be like in the morning and afternoon. 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Gregson

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Isabella Irvin   31 January 2020

Isabella told us that she is really enjoying the new class novel and so far her favourite part is when the babies have been born in the mud.

Leni Rae    31 January 2020

I am loving reading the book dinosaurs diary my favourite part so far is when he traveled forward in time

Mia   2 February 2020

I love the story.

Zach Chappell    2 February 2020

I love listening to dinosaur diary, I am enjoying finding out what he gets up too.
I like learning about our town and we are going to go up the tower in the holidays.

alex   4 February 2020

I love the story aspesholly when h did not what the trachter.

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